Top Italian Restaurants in BC

Top Italian Restaurants in BC

When it comes to Italian restaurants in British Columbia, think of the fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients that are used by top chefs who are passionate about Italian food. With a number of Italian restaurants it is really hard to start as each of them offers something. This is especially so in Vancouver, where, depending on your mood, you cannot go wrong with the following high end restaurants.

Kitsilano’s La Quercia

At La Quercia they serve stellar dishes that are a perfect fit for a family style dining. The restaurant is situated in a cozy neighborhood eatery that is a favorite among the locals due to consistently serving delicious and ever changing dishes. The restaurant’s menu allows you to try something different you are there hence accommodating your moods and tastes.

Ask for Luigi

The intimate Italian-inspired and very cozy restaurant is situated in the East Side of Downtown Vancouver. Even is off the beaten path it is able to attract quite also to of hungry bellies. The menu is unique and offers several delicious dishes with pasta the main star served in the evening. Also, the duck ragu plus the pappaedelle are popular dishes. Ask Luigi additional as a house made desert. The restaurant encourages family style dining and you can also explore the menu by taking a bite in each of the dish

Top Italian Restaurants in BC

Cin Cin Ristorante

While walking down Robson Street will meet you with an alluring and especially familiar scent from the Cin Cin Ristorante’s oven. If your follow your nose and make your own way to the stone stairway you will find yourself at the famous Cin Cin Ristorante. The restaurant has warm and sophisticated rooms but the service and food is incredible that it will keep you coming back. The menu includes seasonal dishes that employ well sourced ingredients that make every dish delicious. Their drinks are also perfect with satisfying cocktails that will start your evening. With more than 30 years’ presence in Vancouver, Cin Cin is still the favorite.


Everything about Tavola is best. From the fresh burrata cheese, beautiful meat cuts, home-made pasta, cozy atmosphere and the wonderful service makes it among the favorite in Vancouver. The restaurant is located in the West End of the city and attracts frequent regulars who often line up at peak hours. The ingredient’s quality is high and the price is really affordable. The restaurant’s food can compete with any fancy restaurant in the city but the prize does not. Its menu is not extensive making it a likeable restaurant. It puts more focus on appetizers and pasta and on a good note it offers a perfect spot for a date or normal dinner with friends or family.


Lupo is a fine and fancy dining Italian restaurant in Yaletown. It is home to Chef Perini who is renowned for his fresh and delicious dishes. The menu consists of traditional Italian fare with a sense of adventure which gives each plate a sense excitement. Set inside a heritage home, the restaurant has cozy and warm atmosphere that is welcoming.

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